Wednesday, 17 September 2008

It all starts here.

w/c 15 September 2008

The first week back at University and its comforting to know that like an old shoe it is exactly where you thought you'd left it. Timetables are not really correct, modules are unavailable on the course website, its still 2 weeks before you get any grant money and it now costs £2 more to get here than it did when I broke up in the summer.
The lectures begin and on the whole I'm quite impressed by what we have received. We are now teachers and no longer students, though never really felt like I was a proper student to begin with so am assuming the transition to teacher won't be so traumatic.
Question of the day had to be, and was asked in all seriousness, in a debate about potential professional dilemmas..."If a pupil punched you is it ok to punch them back?" This person will be in a classroom in 6 days from it just me?

Sometimes I find I look around the room and see the people I have known for the duration of the course. Two in particular i think will make great teachers, some will do a fine job, some are still not quite ready to make the transition and some should have been intercepted before they got this far. In what promises to be a fantastically busy year I now draw a line under my journey to get hear, with thanks to those that helped, inspired and convinced me that the sacrifices made would be all worth it for this chance. To the person that didn't I can only offer that your failings were so far reaching in every level of your professional capacity they have provided me with a permanent reference on what not to do to become a good teacher.

Our first proper lecture was given by the Associate Dean no less and I guess I owe him an apology. I was heard to mumble something along the lines of, "so what can he tell us relevent to the cutting edge of education in secondry schools today?" Like I say an apology is due, I guess he does know his stuff and humour too.....oh how he spoilt us!

I received myregistration number and I now have my QTS tests booked for Friday 26, so three tests, three hours....yeah should be no problem.

Still no modules as usual.