Monday, 2 March 2009

And the winner is......

The lady who stood in front of all the student and NQT teachers to deliver a session on pupils self abusing and delivered the line, in all seriousness: "...more information can be found at forward slash wrists....." Well, I was just creased....totally gone....pure unintended genius at its very best!

Flags out part 2....Uni is finished, no more teaching sessions, we have a reading week this week, which coincidentally is the week after the assignment was due work it out! I have sent in my teaching timetable so you never know they may actually come out and see me as they failed last placement, can't wait.

2 jobs applied for....never heard nowt back....not exactly a confidence booster is it...any tips send em in! One application form to send out, have decided to visit the school for a viewing first (tomorrow) to see if that makes any difference. Have an interview at a prison on Friday to work as a cover lecturer over the holidays....if I get out will keep you posted.

Post 16 is still trying...Uni not arsed....boils my p*ss

2 weeks to go.....10 weeks of work to plan.....8 different classes.....and some crap Uni work to get in the road of it all.......nae bother!

Keep Aa'had


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