Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Up to speed?

Well are ya? Already back a week and have ya hit your peak yet? Staffrooms just love buzz words....two weeks off and it takes a week to get back 'up to speed' whatever that really means, don't ya just love them.

Talking of things you love....consultants! Now I worked quite a bit in a previous life with consultants and its good to know that the one today from the Education Authority was typically just as incompetent and useless as his salary is grossly over inflated. He was in to 'help' the ICT department with a marking strategy for a particular type of qualification. Now this qualification consists of an e-portfolio of evidence that the students make over about 18 months. The ICt dept are a little worried about students finishing putting this stuff together, ie the work has been mostly done but it needs to be evidenced in a particular way to get any marks. The advice was along the lines of getting the teacher to join it all together after the student has handed it in for marking to make sure the evidence matches the work done. Is it me? No, seriously, is it me being naive? I understand the conflict between being judges on results as the temptation to complete students work, ie cheat, but to have the EA's consultant offer this as best advice and practice......makes you think.

Starting to get a little worried now.....have applied for 6 jobs and not had a squeak back, although one is still ongoing. Suppose I can always big up my CV and exaggerate my importance...what else does it take to be a consultant?

Keep Aa'had


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