Thursday, 19 February 2009

Half Term

Well, there it is in black & white - 81% of education students are satisfied with the teaching at the University of Contempt according to the Guardian. 81%......who are these people and why couldn't I be on their course. Two possibilities, they were either generous with the rose tinted glasses on the response form or have no idea what crap teaching consists of, or maybe it is just me....nah impossible.

So its half term week and the Uni decides we are so busy preparing for our 2nd teaching placement and the 2 assignments due by Friday that we only need one day in this week. Awesome! The lecture on Monday morning was rushed because the lecturer had to teach somewhere else that clashed, the second lecture was cancelled or maybe just didn't exist. What a life of riley these lecturers lead and to top it all off in 2 weeks we are having a reading week....they get more bloody holidays than a Thomas Cook rep. I am paying for this sub standard pile of steaming horse sh*t......why can't a University follow a standard school day and teach us properly.......all we get is Module XYZ, taught study 6 hours, self study 397 is a complete disgrace and an utter farce.

Special mention to the finance people at the University of Contempt, they decided I was part time so missed out on a £500 bursary.....I now have to wait till next month....'kin hell man!

Nobodyat the Uni has bothered to do anything about my non existant post 16 experience yet......again, pure lazy arsed entities.

On the upside I headed off to Scotland to play some golf and even the sun as it should be!

Keep Aa'had


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