Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Up and running

Well the wait is finally over I'm now 8 days into my second teaching practice and er its great. In the main the kids have been fine, I am re learning how to teach again....its amazing just how much you forget. I have charge of a year 10 form class.....ooohhh the responsibility! Actually they are proving to be really good....almost looking out for me....even got a compliment about my tie today.....which is a sure sign all hell will break loose tomorrow. The workload is completely mad, just a constant cycle of but I still smile for most of the day so it can't be all that bad. I work with some fantastic people who ask for nothing in return for the help they give, I appreciate you all.

I managed to secure some post 16 experience at my local FE College.....not a bloody thing from the university of contempt, must still be sat on his arse. Have applied for 3 jobs now and heard not a thing, my application form and covering letter have passed my headteachers inspection with flying colours. Still, put in an application today so fingers crossed. On the jobs front we had a guy come in from a supply agency pitching for new can't do any harm to register can it? Anybody have experience of supply (this decade preferably) to give me any tips?

Whilst not having much time to read one article did catch my eye, a speech to a heads conference by Dr Carol Craig, observing that schools risk turning pupils into narcissists by focusing on too much happiness. Dr Craig, head of the centre for Confidence and Wellbeing in Glasgow (I kid you not!). I surprised me that there was indeed a centre for wellness, especially in Glasgow which I thought had a life expectancy of about 50% of national average but I digress. As you may be aware for the past 2 years schools have had a statutory duty to promote their students wellbeing but now it seems to have gone to far. In some schools the words criticism and competition have been removed from the list of acceptable vocabulary so creating a raft of spoilt prima donnas unable to see beyond 'I'. As with everything else in life its all about do these, undoubtedly well paid, band wagon jumpers create massive cottage industries out of the latest fad, buzzword or initiative. Do we ever need a minister of common sense to take charge of these wonder education is so crap at times.

Anyway, its not all bad.......clocks go forward this weekend, 7 teaching days left till Easter!!

Keep Aa'had


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